Digital contract editor

Simple in centralised contract management. Imagine having all your contracts in one place. Securely stored with a trace.

How do you manage your contracts?

S-Contract provides you with:

1. Software tailored to you

    • We make sure we get to know your workflow and really understand your needs. We then draw up a detailed business plan and start the project.
    • The equipment is arranged with your organisation’s classification plan. Tailored to different metadata such as contract types, cost location and value. For example, we customize the information access and approval process. Your vision is our guide.
    • Additional integration is possible depending on the tools you already use.

2. Transparency and efficiency

    • So you have all your contracts in one place, digitally. Avoid clutter in the office. Fragmented contract management is bad for your organisation.
    • Ensure you have an organised and transparent archive of all your company’s contracts.
    • It’s easy to collaborate with your team and external collaborators.
    • It also allows you to compile various statistics, giving you a better overview of your entire business.
    • You always have the contract at your fingertips, allowing you to prepare correspondence and contracts for audit faster.

3. Easy signature

    • Digital signature? Just a click away. Simple, fast and reliable.
    • A fully-fledged digital signature according to the x.509 standard in line with the PKI infrastructure.

4. Security first

    • A high level of security is ensured. Important data safely stowed away, no more in the unsafe hands of spreadsheets and filing cabinets.
    • Certified archiving, for worry-free storage. On your server and in the cloud.

5. Professionalism

    • Warnings before the contract is due and notices of other important deadlines. No more missed contract deadlines.
    • S-Contract ensures compliance with regulations.
    • Communicate professionalism to your customers.

6. Dynamism

    • The solution is suited to the changing business world and therefore enables you to compete in the market. Being flexible in a dynamic world is key to business success.
    • Flexibility without programming, adding and adapting even later, as needed.

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    They trust us:

    You can manage different types of contracts. Among others with: employment contracts, contracts with subcontractors, with customers and partners, NDA and GDPR contracts. Are you interested in information about specific contracts? Ask us.

    Simple implementation. No special installation is required and using S-Contract is simple. In addition, we offer you support and training.

    Access contracts at any time, regardless of the location of you and other stakeholders. You can easily access it through the server.

    from €190 per month

    We stand for SECURE CENTRALIZED and TRANSPARENT management of contracts.

    Do you manage contracts across departments and locations?

    Don’t have a comprehensive review and risk assessment?

    Still keeping important data in spreadsheets?

    Do you sometimes miss important deadlines?


    Get in touch so we can show you how to easily improve the entire business process with S-Contract.

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    *Multiple languages available. An example is in German.

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    Interested in more? Want a demo? Have a question?

    Write to us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    Enter your email address so we can send you the list. You will not receive any promotional emails.

      Enter your email address so we can send you the list. You will not receive any promotional emails.

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            Digitalisation of processes in the financial sector

            Enter the digital age of banking with ShakeSpeare® Software, an innovative solution designed for modern financial institutions.

            • Instant access to all information speeds up decision-making processes and improves operational efficiency.
            • By automating routine processes, ShakeSpeare® gives you more time for more complex tasks.
            • Accurate preparation of financial documents reduces the potential for errors and improves operational compliance.
            • With a centralised archive and high security standards, it allows you to easily manage your documentation and securely store sensitive financial data.
            • It gives you visibility of your work processes and tracking of activities.
            • Many banks are already successfully using ShakeSpeare® for asset management, internal process automation, compliance management and integration with external data.

            HEALTH CARE

            Digitalisation of healthcare processes

            Step into the future of the healthcare industry with ShakeSpeare® Software, an innovative solution created for modern healthcare facilities.

            • ShakeSpeare® provides a central place to store and manage clinical pathways, allowing easy access to important data.
            • The ability to model and execute clinical pathways delivers structured and efficient processes within healthcare facilities.
            • ShakeSpeare® integrates into your existing systems, including CIS/HIS, LIMS and ERP environments, enabling seamless data flow.
            • ShakeSpeare® is a platform that specialises in the needs of the healthcare sector and supports clinical pathways and registries.
            • It increases the quality of treatments (the solution monitors various configurable indicators).
            • ShakeSpeare® has been tested in various countries and is proving to be a reliable partner in the digitisation of the healthcare sector.
            • Faster distribution of documentation, identification of bottlenecks and other functionalities help you reduce administrative costs.


            ShakeSpeare® is a key solution for healthcare institutions looking to improve operational efficiency and increase the quality of care.


            Digitalisation of the law firm

            Enter a new era of legal practice with ShakeSpeare® Software, designed specifically for modern lawyers.

            • Intelligent Software for modern legal services developed in collaboration with legal professionals.
            • It gives you instant access to your documents, client data and reports.
            • By automating repetitive processes, your efficiency is increased.
            • You can prepare legal documents much faster and more accurately.
            • A centralised, user-friendly archive for easy management.
            • Security standards and integration with existing systems. Security is key when dealing with sensitive legal data.
            • Benefit from smart search and easy mobile use.
            • Choose transparency and workflow control


            ShakeSpeare® is your right hand in modern legal practice, enabling you to manage legal documents efficiently, providing you with security and bringing transparency to your legal office.


            Digitalizacija pravne pisarne

            Vstopite v novo dobo pravne prakse z ShakeSpeare® Software, izdelanim posebej za sodobne pravnike.

            • Inteligentna Programska Oprema za sodobne pravne službe je razvita ob sodelovanju s pravniških strokovnjakov.
            • Omogoča vam takojšen dostop do dokumentov, podatkov vaših stran in poročil.
            • Z avtomatizacijo ponavljajočih postopkov je vaša učinkovitost višja.
            • Omogočena vam je mnogo hitrejša in bolj natančna priprava pravnih dokumentov.
            • Centraliziran, uporabniku prijazen arhiv za enostavno upravljanje.
            • Varnostni standardi in integracija z obstoječimi sistemi. Varnost je ključna, ko obravnavate z občutljivimi pravnimi podatki.
            • Izkoristite pametno iskanje in enostavno mobilno uporabo.
            • Izberite preglednost in nadzor delovnih procesov

            ShakeSpeare® je vaša desna roka v sodobni pravni praksi, ki vam omogoča učinkovito upravljanje s pravnimi dokumenti, vam zagotavlja varnost in prinaša preglednost v vašo pravno pisarno.


            Digitalizacija procesov v zdravstvu


            Stopite v prihodnost zdravstvene industrije z inovativno rešitvijo ShakeSpeare® Software, ustvarjeno za sodobne zdravstvene ustanove.

            • ShakeSpeare® zagotavlja centralno mesto za shranjevanje in upravljanje kliničnih poti, ki omogoča enostaven dostop do pomembnih podatkov.
            • Zmožnost modeliranja in izvajanja kliničnih poti prinaša strukturirane in učinkovite procese znotraj zdravstvenih ustanov.
            • ShakeSpeare® se integrira v vaše obstoječe sisteme, vključno z CIS/HIS, LIMS in ERP okolji, kar omogoča nemoten pretok podatkov.
            • ShakeSpeare® je platforma, ki je specializirana za potrebe zdravstvenega sektorja in podpira klinične poti in registre.
            • Poveča kvaliteto zdravljenj (rešitev spremlja različne nastavljive indikatorje).
            • ShakeSpeare® je preizkušen v različih državah in se izkazuje kot zanesljiv partner v digitalizaciji zdravstvenega sektorja.
            • Hitrejša distribucija dokumentacije, identifikacija ozkih grl in druge funkcionalnosti vam pomagajo zmanjšati administrativne stroške.

            ShakeSpeare® je ključna rešitev za zdravstvene ustanove, ki si želijo izboljšati operativno učinkovitost in povečati kvaliteto zdravstvene oskrbe.


            Digitalizacija procesov v finančnem sektorju

            Vstopite v digitalno dobo bančništva z inovativno rešitvijo ShakeSpeare® Software, ustvarjeno za sodobne finančne institucije.

            • Takojšen dostop do vseh informacij pospešuje odločitvene procese in izboljšuje operativno učinkovitost.
            • Z avtomatizacijo rutinskih postopkov vam ShakeSpeare® omogoči več časa za bolj kompleksna opravila.
            • Natančna priprava finančnih dokumentov zmanjšuje možnost napak ter izboljšuje skladnost poslovanja.
            • S centraliziranim arhivom in visokimi varnostnimi standardi vam omogoča enostavno upravljanje dokumentacije in varno hranjenje občutljivih finančnih podatkov.
            • Prinaša vam preglednost nad delovnimi procesi in sledenje aktivnostim.
            • Številne banke že uspešno uporabljajo ShakeSpeare® za obvladovanje sredstev, avtomatizacijo internih procesov, upravljanje s skladnostjo in integracijo z zunanjimi podatki.

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